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Shopping Blunder

We’ve been really lucky this summer in London because the weather has just been so beautiful and hot. I’m an Autumn girl but I have to say the hotter it gets the happier people are around here. It is nice when you can make most of the weather and hang out and chill in the huge parks we have here in London. 

So my story today is actually an incident that happened a few weeks ago. But I thought it would be quite funny or stupid on my part to share with the world. I’m not really bothered about telling people the stupid things I do, because I’m shameless. 

On my lunch break few weeks ago I decided to check out the sale in GAP. They had some really cool stuff and I swear the sizing has changed because it’s seems quite generous. But anyways, there were some nice pair of denim shorts that I liked. Now when I saw these shorts I thought it was really unusual that they had a stretchy  band at the waist instead of a button or zip. But I was over the moon because it looked like it would feel so comfortable and help cover my stomach. I wanted to quickly try on the shorts and a few other tops I liked. 

When I tried on the shorts it really felt like a K-CI and Jojo moment:

All my life I prayed for some shorts like you

And I thank God that I finally found you. 

I can’t describe how incredibly  comfortable they were and the stretchy band felt so nice against my stomach which helped hide my Mount Himalaya. I mean I could wear this for Christmas dinners and I could eat as much as I wanted. It was a  no- brainer. These bad boy shorts were coming home with mama. 

I showed my work colleague what I bought. I told her that I found these shorts and they were so comfortable and that I wish everyone made shorts or jeans like these. 

She burst out laughing and said to me that surely I knew what I just bought and why there was a band on the waist area. 

Yeah, because someone out there is a freekin genius who wanted to make my life better. 

No Meera. These shorts are maternity wear. 

Hold up. Say what? 



I told her it can’t be because I found them where all the non-maternity wear clothes were so it can’t be true.  I checked the label and dammit it was maternity wear!!!!


Why does the truth hurt so much? Well how was I to know? I mean some idiot put these shorts in the wrong section and gave me false hope! 

I’m not lying I contemplated long and hard for a few days whether I should keep them or not and just not tell anyone. I mean I care more about comfort than what anyone else thinks. 

Wrong. My friends could not believe that I was actually serious that I wanted to keep them and told me to return them unless I actually was pregnant…WHICH I AM NOT!  As I was reminded over and over again. 

It was a sad day when I had to return them. I am now on the look out for the same style but I know what I had was irreplaceable. 


December Goodies

Hello lovely readers.

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone as a New Year nearly approaches us. So I would like to share with you some of my exciting December goodies that you may like or feel that you need. Or actually you may feel these goodies will benefit someone else. Whatever you feel….these goodies will save the piggy bank.

What?!…I hear you say. It’s true. You may dance your happy dance. 

So the first item is: 

The Original Deodorant Cream


Product Description: The trusted classic! Dove Original Anti-perspirant cares for the delicate skin of your underarms. Only Dove has its 1/4 moisturising cream formula that helps skin recover itself after shaving, leaving underarm skin visibly softer and smoother. And with the 24 hour protection you would expect from Dove.

I know I am not the only person who suffered from bad smelly odors and terrible sweating that made you want to run far far away in a far far away land. But FEAR NOT! Dove, my friends have come to rescue our armpits. I found when I switched to use a roll on, it changed my life. I wouldn’t have to keep my arms by my side tightly any longer, scared and self conscience that any living thing could die just by the horrid smell that was sadly coming from my underarms. I was free and I loved life and myself again.

Fast forward to the future. I was in need of  a deodorant as mine had finished and so I went to Boots and this instantly caught my eye. It’s basically like a moisturizer that is so smooth and smells so fresh and light. And it actually does lasts for 24 hours. Even when I sweat it smells so Dovey.  I don’t know why I did this and I don’t know why she did it but this is when I got the idea to blog about this product. I asked my friend at work to smell my armpit  because she didn’t believe that after doing some errands at work I still smelt like Dove! She was pleasantly surprise and you will be too. This deodorant is the shizzle and you need to buy it people!!! If not for you, do it for your armpits.  Buy a non sticky effective dove roll on for two pound fourty.

Item 2:

Good N Natural – High Strength Aloe Vera Tablets
Product Image For <br />High Strength Aloe Vera Tablets
I bought this from Holland and Barrett for 19.99 and it’s the most amazing thing I have ever bought. This would be a miraculous gift to someone.  I know it seems so expensive right? But that’s because this particular bottle is highly concentrated. The aloe vera plant has been used for thousands of years and is grown in most  subtropical and tropical locations including South Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.But people can grow them indoors in the UK too. The reason why I bought it was because I had really bad bloatness and I used to feel so uncomfortable. I thought this would support my digestive system with it’s healing touch and by God it did.  I took  either 1-3 tablets (no more than that) to cleanse out my colon and I felt so much lighter. I was surprised how much it helped my scars, eczema and spots. Of course aloe vera also supports the health of the skin. So this bottle really does wonders for you.
So there you have it…two amazing December goodies that will benefit and change your life for only the better. Or like I said it could be two thoughtful gifts for Christmas 😀