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Happy New Year

Better late than never right? 

I was sent an email just before New Years from Word press about a review over my blog in the past year. I only blogged three posts last year! Pretty bad. I mean I was planning to blog 4…but three….I know it’s not good enough. It’s my two years anniversary with Word press today so I thought I would actually post something on this special day. 

You know when you come to the end of the year and think how fast the year has flown by and all the highs and lows…Well there were a few highlights: 

1. Hola Barcelona! Had an awesome time with my friends for a hen do! As mentioned in one of my old posts, I’ve never really been on a proper holiday with all my close friends. It was a shame it wasn’t the hottest time while we were there but it didn’t stop the kid in me to go swimming in the freezing water! I even did the slow motion of the bay watch run with my friend down the beach. Hilarious! We just looked like fools but I couldn’t be happier. 


2. First time eating Lebanese food at a restaurant called Levant in London for my Birthday! If anyone hasn’t eaten there, I recommend it! Me and my friends were amazed as soon as we entered the restaurant. You feel like your in Morocco! The setting and decorations were awesome and the vibe and atmosphere was great. They also have a live band as well as the talented belly dancers! 


3. I’ve seen a few famous faces. But nothing beats meeting Kate Middleton! It was on a Saturday morning in Chelsea where I work. I mean out of all people who could rock up to your work place…it only had to be blinkin Kate Middleton. I just couldn’t believe how skinny she was after giving birth to her baby just after a month. I mean its not normal.  Got to say it was a pretty cool moment. 


4. You know the feeling when you don’t feel like doing anything and you just want to lay in your bed? So does my pal, Bruno Mars. Another favourite moment of mine, seeing him in concert and putting on a great show with his talented band on his birthday was awesome. 


5. I climbed. I conquered. Last summer I climbed up the 02 and it definitely was a bouncy journey up and down. But my mind felt so clear and I felt on top of the world.


And obviously ending the year with my family on Christmas Eve to Boxing day was a plus, with all the delicious food we stuff ourselves with and feeling too fat and bloated to move. 

But it really didn’t feel like I accomplished much or felt happy with myself. So as lame as it sounds I was looking forward to a new start and new year where I would kick ass and feel Happy. 

So here we go 2014. Lets make it count!!!

Oh I also gave up chocolate again and to change it up…added crisps. I know….going totally big. 


But it’s good to have goals of what you would like to do and to help you progress.

So I wish you the best for the New Year and hope it is filled with happiness and success. 

With Love, 

Little Miss Awesome