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1989 Baby

Back in my time….so long ago….life was so simple. There are things that ONLY 90’s babies will know and understand what I’m talking about. I’ll proof it to you and please leave comments because it will be interesting to know if we have similar answers.


This is so hard. Because I had loads of favourites! But here’s a few!


MOVE IT FOOTBALL HEAD! Haha. Hey Arnold was one of the classics. I love how she hated him but secretly weirdly loved him and had a Arnold Shrine room. CREEEEPPPY!!!


Is it still sad that I know the tune that Tommy played on his Dragon Dagger’s flute to call forth his mighty zord?! Wait let me just copy and paste this video. I’m actually crying with laughter. Their zords seemed so big and real…they just look like toys and someone’s playing with them to make them move.

Come on say the Morphin Time Sequence with me….I know that you still know it!

I loved Recess, Arthur,  Rugrats, Pokemon, Johnny Bravo, Powerpuff Girl, Fresh Prince of Bell Air, Sister Sister, Saved By the Bell, X-men, Hulk, Sabrina the Teenage Witch (loved salem the cat), The Moomins, Barbar, Art Attack, The Demon Headmaster (freaked me out when he said “look into my eyes”!), Are you Afraid of the dark, The Queen’s nose (where your 50p at?), Bernards Watch (I used to imagine me having the watch), Kissyfur, Goosebumps and so many more! Is it sad that I still know most of the character names? :-/


Um Bongo how I miss you so. You made me get in touch with my animal side and I felt like I was back home in the jungle.


I mean forget about real life pets, lets just focus solely on feeding our virtual pets and cleaning their poop. I think some therapy session was seriously needed when my pets died. It was traumatising. I had a blue tamagotchi and he was such a loving dog, God Rest His Soul. My brother had a pale blue one…I think he had a dinosaur.



OK so on Gameboy it must have been Tetris. But me and my brother first got Nintendo and we played Super Mario Brothers so many times! SO FREAKIN AWESOME!





























Whoever thought of creating Pokemon Cards was obviously a genius. I think I gave mine away when I was 16. I had loads! I wanted to catch them all!! Pogs! I had all the looney tunes and I think they used to sell them in crisp packets too! Man good times.

Whoever thought of this, was obviously a genius. I think I gave mine away when I was 16. I had loads!

Pogs! I had all the looney tunes and I think they used to sell them in crisp packets too!  Man good times.



The alien in the goo in the egg. It’s so funny we thought they were actually alive and they grew. I remember as if it was yesterday,  it was in the evening in our garden and my brother being stupid chucked my alien in the air and held his hands to catch it. We waited. And Waited. The alien never came down again.

As kids we took our Yo-yo Battles down to the playground. Kid’s had different moves and techniques and some even had the yo-yo’s that lighted up. Totally Gangsta.


Remember this? My dad got me one of these and I was like wow an electronic calender, diary, calculator, dictionary. It can’t get better than this.


My dad used to buy me all the Disney movies on video (of course). It has to be Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty & the Beast.  We watched Mary Poppins a lot as a family so that’s got to be my favourite too.


Backstreet boys, Steps, S Club 7, Five, Spice Girls. I remember in primary school me and two friends wanted to share a song “Every night in my dreams” in front of our class in Year 5 maybe? Hilarious, thinking about it now. I just wanted to be a pop star. I remember we practised so many times during play time. For our Year 6 leaving play we performed “Tragedy” by Steps and totally did all all the moves. It was the coolest moment ever.


My friend bought me Polly Pocket and roller skating Barbie for my birthday. It was the best moment of my life. I brushed and washed Barbies hair more than my own. I loved furby and my spring toy that I would find amusing playing with it down the stairs-again and again.






I used to love when my parents bought me Kinder Surprise! I just wanted the toy inside, I didn’t care too much for the chocolate. Sherbets were a huge thing ages ago too. They were 2p and the yummiest sugar candy ever. Here are some other sweets that you might remember:





Spice up your life

All good things must come to an end and the countdown has officially begun for Rio 2016. As London 2012 chairman Lord Coe told the audience on Sunday evening: “Today sees the closing of a wonderful Games in a wonderful city. “We lit the flame and lit up the world.

It has been a golden 17 days of sport, entertainment, unity, equality, laughter, world records being set and broken. There were 44 world records and 117 Olympic records during the 16 days.  Team GB came in third place and won 65 medals in 16 different sports. We clearly have come a long way so well done Team GB! All the athletes, game makers and volunteers have also done us so proud. The games have been sensational and have truly inspired a generation. London has been full of life, love and spirit.

Team GB

On that note, I have never seen Londoners so happy! The games have given the country an extra strong dose of a mood-enhancing drug. And it seems Londoners want to prolong the olympic feel good factor which is why people are rushing to secure their tickets for the Paralympics. Over 2.1 million tickets have been sold so far for the games! On Saturday evening I was in Piccadilly Circus when Mo Farrah had won a gold medal again for  the 5000m race. It was shown outside on the screens and everyone cheered and clapped so loud, it was just amazing to be there at that moment. The city is still buzzing even though the games are over. The question is however, how long will this national euphoria last for? At the 1908 Olympic closing dinner  British Olympic Council’s honorary secretary Reverend Robert S de Courcy Laffan said, “The Olympic movement was one with great ideals. The perfect physical development of a new humanity, the spreading all over the world of the spirit of sport, which is the spirit of the truest chivalry, and the drawing together of all the nations of the earth in the bonds of peace and mutual amity”. So I think we owe it to ourselves to make sure the spirit we have witnessed to live on.

And what a way to close the games! Showing the symphony of British music over the past 60 years. I know you all were eagerly awaiting to be ziga zig ahhh(ed) by the Spice Girls just as much as I was.  I’ve always been a massive girl power fan since the group started and I still know all the words! The girls spiced up our lives while dancing on top of five black taxis. They even had our beloved London Mayor Boris dancing wildly in the royal box. I have to admit seeing him shake his bum and arms around with David Cameron has to be one of the highlights of the night.  What a legend.  I seriously need to learn his dance moves and bust them out in the club….if I want to scare off the perves and weirdos!!

Lets just watch the spectacle that was Boris again with his dangerously seductive moves 😀

And bless One Direction. I’m not ashamed to say I know all the words to What Makes You Beautiful. I was totally singing with them all the way. They were awesome. The closing ceremony displayed some memorable moments with a tribute on a big screen including  John Lennon-Imagine and Freddie Mercury. Loved the call and response routine, you could really tell the crowd were loving it.  It was great to see Jessie J, Tinie Tempah and Taio Cruz performing together.  And it really was touching to see Gary Barlow lead Take That considering the circumstances. All the performances by the various acts were good and I really wish I had a genie or fairy godmother to have magically transported me to the stadium with awesome seats.

The vibe and buzz here in London has been awesome. Here are some of my favourite moments in pictures:

The fastest man alive, Bolt and Mo Farah doing each others signature poses.
The closing ceremony fireworks.

Passing on the Olympic flag to the next host that is RIO.