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1989 Baby

Back in my time….so long ago….life was so simple. There are things that ONLY 90’s babies will know and understand what I’m talking about. I’ll proof it to you and please leave comments because it will be interesting to know if we have similar answers.


This is so hard. Because I had loads of favourites! But here’s a few!


MOVE IT FOOTBALL HEAD! Haha. Hey Arnold was one of the classics. I love how she hated him but secretly weirdly loved him and had a Arnold Shrine room. CREEEEPPPY!!!


Is it still sad that I know the tune that Tommy played on his Dragon Dagger’s flute to call forth his mighty zord?! Wait let me just copy and paste this video. I’m actually crying with laughter. Their zords seemed so big and real…they just look like toys and someone’s playing with them to make them move.

Come on say the Morphin Time Sequence with me….I know that you still know it!

I loved Recess, Arthur,  Rugrats, Pokemon, Johnny Bravo, Powerpuff Girl, Fresh Prince of Bell Air, Sister Sister, Saved By the Bell, X-men, Hulk, Sabrina the Teenage Witch (loved salem the cat), The Moomins, Barbar, Art Attack, The Demon Headmaster (freaked me out when he said “look into my eyes”!), Are you Afraid of the dark, The Queen’s nose (where your 50p at?), Bernards Watch (I used to imagine me having the watch), Kissyfur, Goosebumps and so many more! Is it sad that I still know most of the character names? :-/


Um Bongo how I miss you so. You made me get in touch with my animal side and I felt like I was back home in the jungle.


I mean forget about real life pets, lets just focus solely on feeding our virtual pets and cleaning their poop. I think some therapy session was seriously needed when my pets died. It was traumatising. I had a blue tamagotchi and he was such a loving dog, God Rest His Soul. My brother had a pale blue one…I think he had a dinosaur.



OK so on Gameboy it must have been Tetris. But me and my brother first got Nintendo and we played Super Mario Brothers so many times! SO FREAKIN AWESOME!





























Whoever thought of creating Pokemon Cards was obviously a genius. I think I gave mine away when I was 16. I had loads! I wanted to catch them all!! Pogs! I had all the looney tunes and I think they used to sell them in crisp packets too! Man good times.

Whoever thought of this, was obviously a genius. I think I gave mine away when I was 16. I had loads!

Pogs! I had all the looney tunes and I think they used to sell them in crisp packets too!  Man good times.



The alien in the goo in the egg. It’s so funny we thought they were actually alive and they grew. I remember as if it was yesterday,  it was in the evening in our garden and my brother being stupid chucked my alien in the air and held his hands to catch it. We waited. And Waited. The alien never came down again.

As kids we took our Yo-yo Battles down to the playground. Kid’s had different moves and techniques and some even had the yo-yo’s that lighted up. Totally Gangsta.


Remember this? My dad got me one of these and I was like wow an electronic calender, diary, calculator, dictionary. It can’t get better than this.


My dad used to buy me all the Disney movies on video (of course). It has to be Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty & the Beast.  We watched Mary Poppins a lot as a family so that’s got to be my favourite too.


Backstreet boys, Steps, S Club 7, Five, Spice Girls. I remember in primary school me and two friends wanted to share a song “Every night in my dreams” in front of our class in Year 5 maybe? Hilarious, thinking about it now. I just wanted to be a pop star. I remember we practised so many times during play time. For our Year 6 leaving play we performed “Tragedy” by Steps and totally did all all the moves. It was the coolest moment ever.


My friend bought me Polly Pocket and roller skating Barbie for my birthday. It was the best moment of my life. I brushed and washed Barbies hair more than my own. I loved furby and my spring toy that I would find amusing playing with it down the stairs-again and again.






I used to love when my parents bought me Kinder Surprise! I just wanted the toy inside, I didn’t care too much for the chocolate. Sherbets were a huge thing ages ago too. They were 2p and the yummiest sugar candy ever. Here are some other sweets that you might remember:





Happy New Year

Better late than never right? 

I was sent an email just before New Years from Word press about a review over my blog in the past year. I only blogged three posts last year! Pretty bad. I mean I was planning to blog 4…but three….I know it’s not good enough. It’s my two years anniversary with Word press today so I thought I would actually post something on this special day. 

You know when you come to the end of the year and think how fast the year has flown by and all the highs and lows…Well there were a few highlights: 

1. Hola Barcelona! Had an awesome time with my friends for a hen do! As mentioned in one of my old posts, I’ve never really been on a proper holiday with all my close friends. It was a shame it wasn’t the hottest time while we were there but it didn’t stop the kid in me to go swimming in the freezing water! I even did the slow motion of the bay watch run with my friend down the beach. Hilarious! We just looked like fools but I couldn’t be happier. 


2. First time eating Lebanese food at a restaurant called Levant in London for my Birthday! If anyone hasn’t eaten there, I recommend it! Me and my friends were amazed as soon as we entered the restaurant. You feel like your in Morocco! The setting and decorations were awesome and the vibe and atmosphere was great. They also have a live band as well as the talented belly dancers! 


3. I’ve seen a few famous faces. But nothing beats meeting Kate Middleton! It was on a Saturday morning in Chelsea where I work. I mean out of all people who could rock up to your work place…it only had to be blinkin Kate Middleton. I just couldn’t believe how skinny she was after giving birth to her baby just after a month. I mean its not normal.  Got to say it was a pretty cool moment. 


4. You know the feeling when you don’t feel like doing anything and you just want to lay in your bed? So does my pal, Bruno Mars. Another favourite moment of mine, seeing him in concert and putting on a great show with his talented band on his birthday was awesome. 


5. I climbed. I conquered. Last summer I climbed up the 02 and it definitely was a bouncy journey up and down. But my mind felt so clear and I felt on top of the world.


And obviously ending the year with my family on Christmas Eve to Boxing day was a plus, with all the delicious food we stuff ourselves with and feeling too fat and bloated to move. 

But it really didn’t feel like I accomplished much or felt happy with myself. So as lame as it sounds I was looking forward to a new start and new year where I would kick ass and feel Happy. 

So here we go 2014. Lets make it count!!!

Oh I also gave up chocolate again and to change it up…added crisps. I know….going totally big. 


But it’s good to have goals of what you would like to do and to help you progress.

So I wish you the best for the New Year and hope it is filled with happiness and success. 

With Love, 

Little Miss Awesome

The working girl

Howdy Partners! 

So I know finding a job can be difficult right now for anyone. After I graduated my “job” was being a bum at home. It takes commitment to being a bum.

Now what is the job description you may ask is required of being a bum at home?


  • Wake up and lie in bed.
  • Lie in bed some more and watch some online tv.
  •  Bring some food into bed while I watch some more online tv.
  • Feeling guilty at this point, I may Hoover or clean.
  • Shower.
  • I mean I should really job search now. But I’m sure there was something more important to do then that. Oh yeah duh, Playstation. Playing Assassin’s Creed will totally help me find a job.
  • Eat again of course because that was a real workout.
  • Parents come home. “Have you been applying? Your not trying hard enough!!!” My reply: “You don’t even know mum how much I’m trying everyday to find a job!! GOD your soooooo annoying!”. **Total denial and laziness is a must for being a bum.
  • Oh would you look at that its time to watch more online tv.
  • Time to sleep. It’s been a long and hard day.
  • The day begins again same routine. 
  • Our catchphrase: BE A BUM ITS FUN.

In the beginning you truly try to apply for jobs. Then you face rejection or worse not hear anything at all! Eventually and slowly you start to fit into your comfortable routine of being a bum and make shit excuses and feel sorry for yourself. I did that for nearly a year and it was getting boring and embarrassing. Your friends are actually trying or have already got jobs and earning loads of money and making something of themselves.

What was I doing? I was eventually claiming job seekers which had to be the most depressing thing I had to do. Don’t get be wrong the money helped me a lot, it was better than nothing! But going every other week to the job centre, then eventually every week was so frustrating that you felt like dog shit.

I mentioned in my previous post about being pro active and now I’m no longer a bum. Waheyyy!!!! I’m a working girl. I know miracles do happen. My family was so shocked and surprised, they couldn’t believe it. It makes you think though what the hell was I doing for a year? What a waste of time!!!

I haven’t figured out yet what I want to do with my life, but I know it will come to me in the right time. For the time being,  I’m so happy just gaining the experience and having money in my bank account! It’s really built back my confidence and I know I don’t want to ever go back to being the bum.

Well it’s ok sometimes I guess 😉

Papa Bear, I love you

I admit it’s not my best piece of work. If I had more time I’m pretty sure I would have crafted the perfect card. But I entirely forgot, till me and my mum bumped into a family friend yesterday at the shopping mall, telling us how she was shopping with her kids for a Father’s Day present.

Father’s Day? Oh yeah, that’s coming up soon, when is that again?


Of course, my dear mother there and then made me feel guilty, like I had committed a dreadful crime.

Meera, how can you forget, you are so bad!

What? I’m not sure if Dad even know’s it’s Father’s Day Tomorrow!

*Gives me evils* No…really you are SOOOOOOOOOO BAD!

So off to Marks & Spencer’s I went and got him the good stuff- aftershave, aftershave moisturizer and body sprays. In the evening we went to a family dinner and by the time we came home it was around 10pm. I was too tired to do anything fancy, I thought glitter glue would do the trick. I tried to make it look all fancy, when really it looked like a 6-year-old made it. Oh well, they say it’s the thought that counts. The parents were sleeping, so I went downstairs to “His Kingdom, His Domain” also known as his office, where we are “forbidden” to touch anything. It’s freaky because if we do, for instance  move a book or a pencil a tiny fraction, he knows!

So I placed the card and gifts all nicely on his table, so he could have a nice surprise when he came down in the morning. I also left a post it note and drew an arrow pointing to the card-“Please be careful when holding the card as the glitter glue may not have dried. Many Thanks”.  He was all smiles in the morning. Good job Meera, good job. 

My Dad is a man of many words.  Here are few of his well-known sayings:

  • Don’t let the snake out of the basket
  • Truth is one, lies are many 
  • You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink
  • Don’t trust him. He is sly as a fox 
  • You can’t fool me. I’m too clever. I know EVERYTHING. (Which explains when he knows we have moved/touched his stuff in his office).
  • I sleep with one eye open (Ok Dad, whatever that’s supposed to mean).

**To all the Superheroes out there. Happy Father’s Day!**