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Shopping Blunder

We’ve been really lucky this summer in London because the weather has just been so beautiful and hot. I’m an Autumn girl but I have to say the hotter it gets the happier people are around here. It is nice when you can make most of the weather and hang out and chill in the huge parks we have here in London. 

So my story today is actually an incident that happened a few weeks ago. But I thought it would be quite funny or stupid on my part to share with the world. I’m not really bothered about telling people the stupid things I do, because I’m shameless. 

On my lunch break few weeks ago I decided to check out the sale in GAP. They had some really cool stuff and I swear the sizing has changed because it’s seems quite generous. But anyways, there were some nice pair of denim shorts that I liked. Now when I saw these shorts I thought it was really unusual that they had a stretchy  band at the waist instead of a button or zip. But I was over the moon because it looked like it would feel so comfortable and help cover my stomach. I wanted to quickly try on the shorts and a few other tops I liked. 

When I tried on the shorts it really felt like a K-CI and Jojo moment:

All my life I prayed for some shorts like you

And I thank God that I finally found you. 

I can’t describe how incredibly  comfortable they were and the stretchy band felt so nice against my stomach which helped hide my Mount Himalaya. I mean I could wear this for Christmas dinners and I could eat as much as I wanted. It was a  no- brainer. These bad boy shorts were coming home with mama. 

I showed my work colleague what I bought. I told her that I found these shorts and they were so comfortable and that I wish everyone made shorts or jeans like these. 

She burst out laughing and said to me that surely I knew what I just bought and why there was a band on the waist area. 

Yeah, because someone out there is a freekin genius who wanted to make my life better. 

No Meera. These shorts are maternity wear. 

Hold up. Say what? 



I told her it can’t be because I found them where all the non-maternity wear clothes were so it can’t be true.  I checked the label and dammit it was maternity wear!!!!


Why does the truth hurt so much? Well how was I to know? I mean some idiot put these shorts in the wrong section and gave me false hope! 

I’m not lying I contemplated long and hard for a few days whether I should keep them or not and just not tell anyone. I mean I care more about comfort than what anyone else thinks. 

Wrong. My friends could not believe that I was actually serious that I wanted to keep them and told me to return them unless I actually was pregnant…WHICH I AM NOT!  As I was reminded over and over again. 

It was a sad day when I had to return them. I am now on the look out for the same style but I know what I had was irreplaceable. 


Get your sweat on girl

Don’t worry guys, I’m still alive.

It seems that I am repeatedly apologizing as I begin my posts but I have a perfectly good reason. I have been dying to blog for ages but at this moment I do not have a laptop…well a functioning laptop. I have somehow managed to persuade my dad in letting me use his computer for a while.

It is a devastating moment in a woman’s life when you realize you’ve gained a few pounds because the freshly baked cookies have become your best friend. So about a month or so ago my friend and I decided to join a fitness class.  We browsed on the internet for good deals and we came across Bikram Yoga. We didn’t know what it was but it sounded interesting.


“Time to get HOT”…..because you will do a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in a heated room for 90 minutes! We were excited because to us that sounded like chillin in a sauna and just doing few stretches and losing weight at the same time. AWESOME. We decided to buy an intro package for 35 pounds for 20 consecutive days.

I do not have a flexible bone in my body…I can’t even touch my toes without bending my knees…what the hell have I got myself into?  I’m going to look like such a chubby fool. I felt good knowing that my friend who would accompany me wasn’t really flexible either.  I went to buy some yoga gear from the sweatshop and they informed me that I would need to wear shorts and a tank top because it would be REALLY HOT.

Damn.  That would mean people will see my massive thighs that jiggled and wiggled and I would need to shave!! Listen, I have no shame in saying I get lazy in the autumn and winter. I just can’t be bothered to maintain the hair removal regime.

We were 15 minutes late for our first class and we didn’t realize how packed it would be for a morning class on a weekday in London. As soon as you enter the building you can feel the heat instantly. Luckily as it was our first class we were allowed to enter the room.

O-M-G. I can’t describe first of all the weird smell and the overwhelming heat that hits you.  I was then shocked to see how nearly naked the guys were. Yes girls there were quite a few men in the class in their trunks! It felt like a weird hot dream?! I dunno. It was weird. And I was already thirsty. You can take a water bottle inside but you can’t really drink a lot because it will make you sick.

I took a quick scan around the room and everyone was sweating hardcore and so toned and slim. I am not kidding I was the only chubby kid in the room. Even the other new comers were skinny and way more flexy than me. Some people were seriously flexy…like a pretzel. It was insane. It’s amazing what we can do with our bodies.  I could have moped about this but it actually made me want to work that more harder. I stretched out my arms and I was already freakin sweating. The thing is it’s the hardest thing I have done because its really intense. It won’t be for everyone but that’s why you buy the intro package, to get used to the heat and to see if this is for you. Either way you can laugh and share this experience with your friends.

Sadly for my friend, it wasn’t for her. She looked like she was going to pass out due to the heat. I went for two more classes and actually I felt really good afterwards. I wish I could continue but it’s hard waking up super early and then doing yoga and then making sure I’m running my ass off back to work on time. I was so tired! If they had a studio closer to home I probably would have carried on to see if there were any positive results.

If you are interested to try it out, there are a few places in London-Canary Wharf and London bridge.

In the meantime let me try power walking 🙂