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Dear Blog. I’ve missed you.

It seems like a New year has flown by and a birthday since I’ve last blogged. 

And what do you know…its 2013 and I just turned 24 last week. So Happy New Year folks, hope the start of this year has been good to you so far. A few of my friends mentioned that I have been very quiet and missed reading my blog. So I guess you can say I’m back by popular demand 😉  To be honest, I didn’t feel quite inspired to write anything but tonight me feeling the magic again. 

So the worst thing that anyone can tell a girl is that they look a bit fat…to their face. But Amy in Pitch Perfect would introduce herself as Fat Amy. 

Aubrey: What’s your name? 
Fat Amy: Fat Amy. 
Aubrey: You call yourself Fat Amy? 
Fat Amy: Yeah, so twig bitches like you don’t do it behind my back.

Well it happened to me! I mean I didn’t introduce myself as Fat Meera. But a twig basically called me fat! 

I went to get my eyebrows done yesterday and the ladies in the beauty shop said to me how they haven’t seen me in a long time. I pointed to what could only be described as Freida Kahlo’s eyebrows but much worse.. and said yes its clearly been too long.


I’ve started IPL treatment 7 months ago for my face and I just get too lazy to go in to get my eyebrows done. Family members would comment and say why do you keep them bushy… you need to get those bad boys tamed. 

Anyways back to my depressing story.. so my eyes started tearing up because she had to thread so much hair off and she kept apologising saying sorry there is just too much hair! I did chuckle, because I couldn’t believe I left my eyebrows in such a bad state. Then she said you look a bit different Meera. You are enjoying your mummy’s food aren’t you? Your cheeks look bigger…you look a little bit fat :-/ 

AWKWARD! WHERE IS THAT EYEBROW PLUCKER PLEASE KILL ME NOW. I mean what was I meant to say? I know I’ve put on weight so I nervously laughed (while dying inside) and said yeah I know…I’m trying to lose weight. She must have felt bad and said you’re only a little fat not too much fat!  I seriously could have finished her off like a chocolate fudge cake. But I thought mmm… better not. 


Ok I’m just going to pay and leave now because the awkward laughs will soon turn to tears, 

 So yeah… I had a few more brownies and comfort ate more the past few months and started using the bus more instead of walking like I used to. I told myself this morning to suck it up. I refuse to feel sorry for myself. In a way that lady was doing me a favour and I realised that I have to get back to being fit and healthy again. So I went to TK Max today and bought myself a skipping rope. I lost a lot of weight before when I was skipping regularly as well as walking and eating healthily.  I have my friends away hen and wedding as motivation to get a beach looking body. I’ll update you all soon on my progress.