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Tango is Tangerous

Sorry I’ve been quiet. My excuse is that I’m becoming one of those people who are too tired to do any thing after work and being a boring old fart. I pretty much blame my reasons for being the unsociable butterfly on work and that it’s an absolute necessity having 8 hours sleep. One becomes a mad hatter otherwise or just dopey. If I am not calling or accepting phone calls it’s because I’m tired from working. If I’m not in the mood to party and vogue it’s because I’m tired from working.  I stand on my feet all day and I can’t be bothered to do anything when I get home.

There is the crazy man on the bus who can talk till the cows come home. Borderline offensive but funny that he is sharing his opinions loudly without giving a shit. “Scandals that’s what makes the world go round. Good news doesn’t sell. And people by into it. They love gossip and buy the magazines. Women they love it. They’ll buy anything that has gossip in it!” Like I said borderline offensive.
When I catch the train its during the peak hours so it’s packed on the platform and on the train. It’s really hot when your using the central line and its unfortunate when you are lodged near a sweaty armpit of an unhygienic man. I have come to learn that people do not own a deodorant or just choose to smell of bio.
I’m so excited when Friday comes that (it’s sad but I don’t care) I start singing that annoying song by Rebecca Black- Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday…. It’s the freaking weekend! I don’t get down… I’d start yawning in the club if I did… My idea is going home having dinner and getting into my pyjamas. If only we could wear our pyjamas all the time. Sigh.
But then it’s like what Gerry said to Holly in P.S. I Love You. Stop being a cranky bitch and  let your hair down! Stop being a GRANNY!  My mum says its life! Wait till your married and have kids! I would like to be selfish for a couple more years please.
 It’s true though. I have it easy.  My dad most times drops and picks me up from the station too. You just have to learn to suck it up and make most of  your time. I think I found it hard initially because I was a bum for year after I graduated. But I have found my routine and am learning to use my time effectively.

Sort off. I do find myself running my ass off for the bus and the train and all the way to work. My exercise for the day. I don’t know why I do this to myself and stress myself out. I test the laws of time  and it does not go in my favour.

I complain but I love my work and I love working. I work in retail in a lovely and busy area in central London. The people I work with are awesome and it makes my job that more satisfying. It’s a bonus I love fashion and I have learnt to appreciate it being a form of art and expression that we wear.

Though I do find it annoying that I have to inhale so much smoke as soon as I come out of the station. City workers sure love their cigarettes. It’s like I’m smoking without actually smoking!!! I don’t want to breathe that shit in the morning. Also the AC on at work is kept on and I’m cold like a vampire. It’s like a slow death in Antarctica. We layer up at work but it’s so warm outside. Its like having a fever.  And one last thing I hate that Bus and train fares are so expensive. Half of your wages are gone before you can save and enjoy it.  Sort it out Boris!

But despite all this silliness I’m loving life. I swear. Right so let’s just get onto what this post was meant to be about. So I need to have water next to my bed incase I get thirsty in the night if I wake up. Few nights ago I didn’t have water but had an open tango can. I was so thirsty I just drank it. And because I drank fizzy I couldn’t sleep and I was feeling hot so I drank more and more.

O M G. Totally screwed with my brain. I was having weird strange dreams that I thought was actually happening to me.  Though Freud would have his own views that this dream happened because subconsciously this is what I was feeling. I mean this is what happens when you sleep drink. I couldn’t sleep properly. I was being tangoed. I looked and felt like rubbish the next day and my stomach felt awful! I would have thought I learned my lesson drinking red bull and relentless in my school and uni days.
I would like to take this opportunity and warn you all. Just Don’t Do It!!! Just put the can down and drink H20. Because tango is Tangerous.
Have a good weekend guys and be awesome 🙂

The working girl

Howdy Partners! 

So I know finding a job can be difficult right now for anyone. After I graduated my “job” was being a bum at home. It takes commitment to being a bum.

Now what is the job description you may ask is required of being a bum at home?


  • Wake up and lie in bed.
  • Lie in bed some more and watch some online tv.
  •  Bring some food into bed while I watch some more online tv.
  • Feeling guilty at this point, I may Hoover or clean.
  • Shower.
  • I mean I should really job search now. But I’m sure there was something more important to do then that. Oh yeah duh, Playstation. Playing Assassin’s Creed will totally help me find a job.
  • Eat again of course because that was a real workout.
  • Parents come home. “Have you been applying? Your not trying hard enough!!!” My reply: “You don’t even know mum how much I’m trying everyday to find a job!! GOD your soooooo annoying!”. **Total denial and laziness is a must for being a bum.
  • Oh would you look at that its time to watch more online tv.
  • Time to sleep. It’s been a long and hard day.
  • The day begins again same routine. 
  • Our catchphrase: BE A BUM ITS FUN.

In the beginning you truly try to apply for jobs. Then you face rejection or worse not hear anything at all! Eventually and slowly you start to fit into your comfortable routine of being a bum and make shit excuses and feel sorry for yourself. I did that for nearly a year and it was getting boring and embarrassing. Your friends are actually trying or have already got jobs and earning loads of money and making something of themselves.

What was I doing? I was eventually claiming job seekers which had to be the most depressing thing I had to do. Don’t get be wrong the money helped me a lot, it was better than nothing! But going every other week to the job centre, then eventually every week was so frustrating that you felt like dog shit.

I mentioned in my previous post about being pro active and now I’m no longer a bum. Waheyyy!!!! I’m a working girl. I know miracles do happen. My family was so shocked and surprised, they couldn’t believe it. It makes you think though what the hell was I doing for a year? What a waste of time!!!

I haven’t figured out yet what I want to do with my life, but I know it will come to me in the right time. For the time being,  I’m so happy just gaining the experience and having money in my bank account! It’s really built back my confidence and I know I don’t want to ever go back to being the bum.

Well it’s ok sometimes I guess 😉