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Spice up your life

All good things must come to an end and the countdown has officially begun for Rio 2016. As London 2012 chairman Lord Coe told the audience on Sunday evening: “Today sees the closing of a wonderful Games in a wonderful city. “We lit the flame and lit up the world.

It has been a golden 17 days of sport, entertainment, unity, equality, laughter, world records being set and broken. There were 44 world records and 117 Olympic records during the 16 days.  Team GB came in third place and won 65 medals in 16 different sports. We clearly have come a long way so well done Team GB! All the athletes, game makers and volunteers have also done us so proud. The games have been sensational and have truly inspired a generation. London has been full of life, love and spirit.

Team GB

On that note, I have never seen Londoners so happy! The games have given the country an extra strong dose of a mood-enhancing drug. And it seems Londoners want to prolong the olympic feel good factor which is why people are rushing to secure their tickets for the Paralympics. Over 2.1 million tickets have been sold so far for the games! On Saturday evening I was in Piccadilly Circus when Mo Farrah had won a gold medal again for  the 5000m race. It was shown outside on the screens and everyone cheered and clapped so loud, it was just amazing to be there at that moment. The city is still buzzing even though the games are over. The question is however, how long will this national euphoria last for? At the 1908 Olympic closing dinner  British Olympic Council’s honorary secretary Reverend Robert S de Courcy Laffan said, “The Olympic movement was one with great ideals. The perfect physical development of a new humanity, the spreading all over the world of the spirit of sport, which is the spirit of the truest chivalry, and the drawing together of all the nations of the earth in the bonds of peace and mutual amity”. So I think we owe it to ourselves to make sure the spirit we have witnessed to live on.

And what a way to close the games! Showing the symphony of British music over the past 60 years. I know you all were eagerly awaiting to be ziga zig ahhh(ed) by the Spice Girls just as much as I was.  I’ve always been a massive girl power fan since the group started and I still know all the words! The girls spiced up our lives while dancing on top of five black taxis. They even had our beloved London Mayor Boris dancing wildly in the royal box. I have to admit seeing him shake his bum and arms around with David Cameron has to be one of the highlights of the night.  What a legend.  I seriously need to learn his dance moves and bust them out in the club….if I want to scare off the perves and weirdos!!

Lets just watch the spectacle that was Boris again with his dangerously seductive moves 😀

And bless One Direction. I’m not ashamed to say I know all the words to What Makes You Beautiful. I was totally singing with them all the way. They were awesome. The closing ceremony displayed some memorable moments with a tribute on a big screen including  John Lennon-Imagine and Freddie Mercury. Loved the call and response routine, you could really tell the crowd were loving it.  It was great to see Jessie J, Tinie Tempah and Taio Cruz performing together.  And it really was touching to see Gary Barlow lead Take That considering the circumstances. All the performances by the various acts were good and I really wish I had a genie or fairy godmother to have magically transported me to the stadium with awesome seats.

The vibe and buzz here in London has been awesome. Here are some of my favourite moments in pictures:

The fastest man alive, Bolt and Mo Farah doing each others signature poses.
The closing ceremony fireworks.

Passing on the Olympic flag to the next host that is RIO.

London 2012




From the Diamond Jubilee, to the emotional Wimbledon finals and finally the London Olympic Games! It is a wonderful and special time not only for the British people but for everyone here enjoying the 2012 games. I live in East London so it’s amazing that this is all happening so close to home. Olympic fever has swept across the nation and everyone is screaming for TEAM GB. I have never screamed so much at my tv, that too on a daily basis. Anyone who could hear me would think I’m mad. But I’m just loving it all! Such a great vibe to be in London right now.

Everyday commuting to work I see a sea of people on their way to watch the games to support their country. I see the joy and  excitement on their faces and it’s priceless. Luckily there is a pub opposite my work which has a huge tv outside so I’m lucky I can catch some glimpses of the games. The Olympic games have brought unity and peace, such a contrast to the London Riots last year!

I admit, I started to get into the spirit of it all on the Friday afternoon of the opening ceremony. Britain would present itself to the world and I was genuinely excited and proud. I was pleasantly surprised and in awe for three hours. What a magnificent, inventive, hilarious and quirky ceremony! It was truly British down to the music, literature and yes even humour. The best moments with Mr. Bean and Mr. Bond with his new bond girl, the Queen! Her willingness to take part in that manner will be remembered always. Who knew parachuting was one of her hobbies eh? Just like a musical, it was full of singing, dancing, J.K. Rowling , Lord Voldemort even made an appearance with Mary Poppins chasing the darkness away.

I loved how they presented Britain’s transition from an agricultural to an industrial and then high-tech society. Also paying tribute to the NHS and GOSH. Hats off to you Mr. Danny Boyle and all the volunteers!

I was trying to stay awake to watch TEAM GB make their entrance. No problem, the noise and screams from the stadium woke me up immediately! I put the volume up and I could only imagine what I knew was 100 times louder in reality. The atmosphere was electrifying!

The spectacular finale of the event saw the Olympic Cauldron, formed of 205 copper petals representing the competing nations coming together in London for the Games, ignited by seven young Torchbearers nominated by Britain’s Olympic medalists and truly embodying the games motto of  “inspire a generation” – lit scores of long-necked pipes, that rose to form a caldron of sorts in the middle of the stadium.It really was a beautiful moment to remember.