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Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day

Good Evening civilians.

I am glad to be back at home in bed writing this post to you all. The weather has been absolutely awful today.  No wonder majority of the people  in London are moody sods.

Including me.

I have reasons sometimes. Like last weekend when Nadal lost at the Australian Open. I  was feeling blue and actually pretty annoyed that the OZ crowd booed him for no reason!

But then I have a tendency to be moody for no reason at all.  It’s true. Here’s my moody t-shirt.

On a happier note, two weekends ago I was transported to the imaginary world of Quidam at the Royal Albert Hall.

image (1)

image (2)

image (5)

image (4)

I haven’t been to the Royal Albert Hall in years. The last time was when I was in Primary School and hundreds of kids from Primary and Secondary schools performed a musical concert. We sang songs from The Sound Of Music and old English songs as well as playing the recorder in unison. It was a huge deal for me. I was so excited and it was the first time experiencing the posh side of West London. It seemed bigger and more theatrical somehow when I was younger. It’s such a beautiful building with the Albert Memorial and park opposite it.

I got really good seats which cost a bomb. But it was totally worth it.  We were seated in the Grand Tier box and had front row seats.

Quidam is produced by Cirque Du Soleil and is one of their many dazzling shows- famous for their incredible acrobatics and sets.

” Quidam celebrates the nameless passerby, the person living lost amidst the crowd in an all-too-anonymous society. Quidam (pronounced key-dam) is a story of the one who cries out, sings, and dreams within us all. A tribute to those faceless strangers we all are to one another, evoking the joys and sorrows of everyday life. ”

The music was performed beautifully in French. Not that I could understand a word of it, but I certainly appreciated how well it suited what the show was about.  Some of the acts made me laugh and it felt like a silent movie with Charlie Chaplin as the “Little Tramp”.  At certain points of the show I have to admit, I had no idea what was happening and who was who.  A few people from the audience were called upon to help stage the act which was quite amusing. Quidam’s effects, juggling and acrobats were awesome.  I watched in wonder and disbelief as they broke the bounds of physics and wowed the audience. There were moments in the show  where some of the performers  made me gasp because the act was real and dangerous. It’s amazing and mind boggling what we can do with our bodies but actually see someone do what we dream in our wildest dreams we wished we could do.

Fear not you have not missed out! I believe there is another show called Dralion which will be at the 02 arena in June. So you should  definitely check it out.

Right I’m off to watch the season finale of season four’s Downtown Abbey. I have somehow crammed in four seasons in the last two weeks. I can’t believe I’ve never watched it before now, it’s a brilliant show.

Night Night Friends.

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Shopping Blunder

We’ve been really lucky this summer in London because the weather has just been so beautiful and hot. I’m an Autumn girl but I have to say the hotter it gets the happier people are around here. It is nice when you can make most of the weather and hang out and chill in the huge parks we have here in London. 

So my story today is actually an incident that happened a few weeks ago. But I thought it would be quite funny or stupid on my part to share with the world. I’m not really bothered about telling people the stupid things I do, because I’m shameless. 

On my lunch break few weeks ago I decided to check out the sale in GAP. They had some really cool stuff and I swear the sizing has changed because it’s seems quite generous. But anyways, there were some nice pair of denim shorts that I liked. Now when I saw these shorts I thought it was really unusual that they had a stretchy  band at the waist instead of a button or zip. But I was over the moon because it looked like it would feel so comfortable and help cover my stomach. I wanted to quickly try on the shorts and a few other tops I liked. 

When I tried on the shorts it really felt like a K-CI and Jojo moment:

All my life I prayed for some shorts like you

And I thank God that I finally found you. 

I can’t describe how incredibly  comfortable they were and the stretchy band felt so nice against my stomach which helped hide my Mount Himalaya. I mean I could wear this for Christmas dinners and I could eat as much as I wanted. It was a  no- brainer. These bad boy shorts were coming home with mama. 

I showed my work colleague what I bought. I told her that I found these shorts and they were so comfortable and that I wish everyone made shorts or jeans like these. 

She burst out laughing and said to me that surely I knew what I just bought and why there was a band on the waist area. 

Yeah, because someone out there is a freekin genius who wanted to make my life better. 

No Meera. These shorts are maternity wear. 

Hold up. Say what? 



I told her it can’t be because I found them where all the non-maternity wear clothes were so it can’t be true.  I checked the label and dammit it was maternity wear!!!!


Why does the truth hurt so much? Well how was I to know? I mean some idiot put these shorts in the wrong section and gave me false hope! 

I’m not lying I contemplated long and hard for a few days whether I should keep them or not and just not tell anyone. I mean I care more about comfort than what anyone else thinks. 

Wrong. My friends could not believe that I was actually serious that I wanted to keep them and told me to return them unless I actually was pregnant…WHICH I AM NOT!  As I was reminded over and over again. 

It was a sad day when I had to return them. I am now on the look out for the same style but I know what I had was irreplaceable. 


The Truth is…..

I was abducted by extra terrestrial species and this is why I haven’t been able to blog. I tried to “phone home” but those slimey buggers forbid me to. So there you have it. That’s the truth and I’m sticking to it like a stamp on an envelope. 

Coming back from another world, I have many stories to share. 

My first story is Bubbleology. 

I was under the care of an alien, named Jiggly Anna Puff. I know like situations weren’t weird enough.  I remember it well, the first time she spoke to me. 


“Hey JP….who you callin Hoe? I ain’t know Hoe”. 

“Silence Human. You talk jibberish that I do not understand. This is Planet X and we are in land Soho. You and me are going drinking.”

“Drinking what exactly?”

“Bubble Tea!”

Bubble Tea? What the hell, these aliens are cray. The only crazy thing I drink is hot chocolate so I don’t know about this Bubble Tea business.  But how do the kids say it nowadays…YOLO (You Only Live Once) 

Apparently Bubble Tea is quite popular in Soho because there was a queue outside the building which looked like a laboratory inside. Jiggly and I walked in and it looked like I was walking into a dangerous experiment where the aliens were dressed in white lab coats mixing all sorts of flavours together. I didn’t know what to order but I ordered what seemed like a safe and tasty option: “Mango and Passion fruit.” Jiggly looked at me and said drink. It was bizarre because you drink this bubble tea through a straw as wide as your finger but it actually tasted delicious and very sweet, like milkshake with tapioca pellets- bubbles they call it. The bubbles were the best bit but so many in a cup that it’s like a meal in itself. Jiggly then took me to a place called Primark. Women aliens are scary crazy here. When we were both inside I felt someone was following me and when I turned around it was a guard who sternly said I was not allowed Bubble Tea in this place. I think he was jealous that he didn’t have bubble tea to drink.  However, Bubbleology was a sweet experience and what seemed to be a friendship blooming because Jiggly Anna Puff looked at me and said, 

“Bubble Tea with my best-tea”

Get your sweat on girl

Don’t worry guys, I’m still alive.

It seems that I am repeatedly apologizing as I begin my posts but I have a perfectly good reason. I have been dying to blog for ages but at this moment I do not have a laptop…well a functioning laptop. I have somehow managed to persuade my dad in letting me use his computer for a while.

It is a devastating moment in a woman’s life when you realize you’ve gained a few pounds because the freshly baked cookies have become your best friend. So about a month or so ago my friend and I decided to join a fitness class.  We browsed on the internet for good deals and we came across Bikram Yoga. We didn’t know what it was but it sounded interesting.


“Time to get HOT”…..because you will do a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in a heated room for 90 minutes! We were excited because to us that sounded like chillin in a sauna and just doing few stretches and losing weight at the same time. AWESOME. We decided to buy an intro package for 35 pounds for 20 consecutive days.

I do not have a flexible bone in my body…I can’t even touch my toes without bending my knees…what the hell have I got myself into?  I’m going to look like such a chubby fool. I felt good knowing that my friend who would accompany me wasn’t really flexible either.  I went to buy some yoga gear from the sweatshop and they informed me that I would need to wear shorts and a tank top because it would be REALLY HOT.

Damn.  That would mean people will see my massive thighs that jiggled and wiggled and I would need to shave!! Listen, I have no shame in saying I get lazy in the autumn and winter. I just can’t be bothered to maintain the hair removal regime.

We were 15 minutes late for our first class and we didn’t realize how packed it would be for a morning class on a weekday in London. As soon as you enter the building you can feel the heat instantly. Luckily as it was our first class we were allowed to enter the room.

O-M-G. I can’t describe first of all the weird smell and the overwhelming heat that hits you.  I was then shocked to see how nearly naked the guys were. Yes girls there were quite a few men in the class in their trunks! It felt like a weird hot dream?! I dunno. It was weird. And I was already thirsty. You can take a water bottle inside but you can’t really drink a lot because it will make you sick.

I took a quick scan around the room and everyone was sweating hardcore and so toned and slim. I am not kidding I was the only chubby kid in the room. Even the other new comers were skinny and way more flexy than me. Some people were seriously flexy…like a pretzel. It was insane. It’s amazing what we can do with our bodies.  I could have moped about this but it actually made me want to work that more harder. I stretched out my arms and I was already freakin sweating. The thing is it’s the hardest thing I have done because its really intense. It won’t be for everyone but that’s why you buy the intro package, to get used to the heat and to see if this is for you. Either way you can laugh and share this experience with your friends.

Sadly for my friend, it wasn’t for her. She looked like she was going to pass out due to the heat. I went for two more classes and actually I felt really good afterwards. I wish I could continue but it’s hard waking up super early and then doing yoga and then making sure I’m running my ass off back to work on time. I was so tired! If they had a studio closer to home I probably would have carried on to see if there were any positive results.

If you are interested to try it out, there are a few places in London-Canary Wharf and London bridge.

In the meantime let me try power walking 🙂


Tango is Tangerous

Sorry I’ve been quiet. My excuse is that I’m becoming one of those people who are too tired to do any thing after work and being a boring old fart. I pretty much blame my reasons for being the unsociable butterfly on work and that it’s an absolute necessity having 8 hours sleep. One becomes a mad hatter otherwise or just dopey. If I am not calling or accepting phone calls it’s because I’m tired from working. If I’m not in the mood to party and vogue it’s because I’m tired from working.  I stand on my feet all day and I can’t be bothered to do anything when I get home.

There is the crazy man on the bus who can talk till the cows come home. Borderline offensive but funny that he is sharing his opinions loudly without giving a shit. “Scandals that’s what makes the world go round. Good news doesn’t sell. And people by into it. They love gossip and buy the magazines. Women they love it. They’ll buy anything that has gossip in it!” Like I said borderline offensive.
When I catch the train its during the peak hours so it’s packed on the platform and on the train. It’s really hot when your using the central line and its unfortunate when you are lodged near a sweaty armpit of an unhygienic man. I have come to learn that people do not own a deodorant or just choose to smell of bio.
I’m so excited when Friday comes that (it’s sad but I don’t care) I start singing that annoying song by Rebecca Black- Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday…. It’s the freaking weekend! I don’t get down… I’d start yawning in the club if I did… My idea is going home having dinner and getting into my pyjamas. If only we could wear our pyjamas all the time. Sigh.
But then it’s like what Gerry said to Holly in P.S. I Love You. Stop being a cranky bitch and  let your hair down! Stop being a GRANNY!  My mum says its life! Wait till your married and have kids! I would like to be selfish for a couple more years please.
 It’s true though. I have it easy.  My dad most times drops and picks me up from the station too. You just have to learn to suck it up and make most of  your time. I think I found it hard initially because I was a bum for year after I graduated. But I have found my routine and am learning to use my time effectively.

Sort off. I do find myself running my ass off for the bus and the train and all the way to work. My exercise for the day. I don’t know why I do this to myself and stress myself out. I test the laws of time  and it does not go in my favour.

I complain but I love my work and I love working. I work in retail in a lovely and busy area in central London. The people I work with are awesome and it makes my job that more satisfying. It’s a bonus I love fashion and I have learnt to appreciate it being a form of art and expression that we wear.

Though I do find it annoying that I have to inhale so much smoke as soon as I come out of the station. City workers sure love their cigarettes. It’s like I’m smoking without actually smoking!!! I don’t want to breathe that shit in the morning. Also the AC on at work is kept on and I’m cold like a vampire. It’s like a slow death in Antarctica. We layer up at work but it’s so warm outside. Its like having a fever.  And one last thing I hate that Bus and train fares are so expensive. Half of your wages are gone before you can save and enjoy it.  Sort it out Boris!

But despite all this silliness I’m loving life. I swear. Right so let’s just get onto what this post was meant to be about. So I need to have water next to my bed incase I get thirsty in the night if I wake up. Few nights ago I didn’t have water but had an open tango can. I was so thirsty I just drank it. And because I drank fizzy I couldn’t sleep and I was feeling hot so I drank more and more.

O M G. Totally screwed with my brain. I was having weird strange dreams that I thought was actually happening to me.  Though Freud would have his own views that this dream happened because subconsciously this is what I was feeling. I mean this is what happens when you sleep drink. I couldn’t sleep properly. I was being tangoed. I looked and felt like rubbish the next day and my stomach felt awful! I would have thought I learned my lesson drinking red bull and relentless in my school and uni days.
I would like to take this opportunity and warn you all. Just Don’t Do It!!! Just put the can down and drink H20. Because tango is Tangerous.
Have a good weekend guys and be awesome 🙂

Spice up your life

All good things must come to an end and the countdown has officially begun for Rio 2016. As London 2012 chairman Lord Coe told the audience on Sunday evening: “Today sees the closing of a wonderful Games in a wonderful city. “We lit the flame and lit up the world.

It has been a golden 17 days of sport, entertainment, unity, equality, laughter, world records being set and broken. There were 44 world records and 117 Olympic records during the 16 days.  Team GB came in third place and won 65 medals in 16 different sports. We clearly have come a long way so well done Team GB! All the athletes, game makers and volunteers have also done us so proud. The games have been sensational and have truly inspired a generation. London has been full of life, love and spirit.

Team GB

On that note, I have never seen Londoners so happy! The games have given the country an extra strong dose of a mood-enhancing drug. And it seems Londoners want to prolong the olympic feel good factor which is why people are rushing to secure their tickets for the Paralympics. Over 2.1 million tickets have been sold so far for the games! On Saturday evening I was in Piccadilly Circus when Mo Farrah had won a gold medal again for  the 5000m race. It was shown outside on the screens and everyone cheered and clapped so loud, it was just amazing to be there at that moment. The city is still buzzing even though the games are over. The question is however, how long will this national euphoria last for? At the 1908 Olympic closing dinner  British Olympic Council’s honorary secretary Reverend Robert S de Courcy Laffan said, “The Olympic movement was one with great ideals. The perfect physical development of a new humanity, the spreading all over the world of the spirit of sport, which is the spirit of the truest chivalry, and the drawing together of all the nations of the earth in the bonds of peace and mutual amity”. So I think we owe it to ourselves to make sure the spirit we have witnessed to live on.

And what a way to close the games! Showing the symphony of British music over the past 60 years. I know you all were eagerly awaiting to be ziga zig ahhh(ed) by the Spice Girls just as much as I was.  I’ve always been a massive girl power fan since the group started and I still know all the words! The girls spiced up our lives while dancing on top of five black taxis. They even had our beloved London Mayor Boris dancing wildly in the royal box. I have to admit seeing him shake his bum and arms around with David Cameron has to be one of the highlights of the night.  What a legend.  I seriously need to learn his dance moves and bust them out in the club….if I want to scare off the perves and weirdos!!

Lets just watch the spectacle that was Boris again with his dangerously seductive moves 😀

And bless One Direction. I’m not ashamed to say I know all the words to What Makes You Beautiful. I was totally singing with them all the way. They were awesome. The closing ceremony displayed some memorable moments with a tribute on a big screen including  John Lennon-Imagine and Freddie Mercury. Loved the call and response routine, you could really tell the crowd were loving it.  It was great to see Jessie J, Tinie Tempah and Taio Cruz performing together.  And it really was touching to see Gary Barlow lead Take That considering the circumstances. All the performances by the various acts were good and I really wish I had a genie or fairy godmother to have magically transported me to the stadium with awesome seats.

The vibe and buzz here in London has been awesome. Here are some of my favourite moments in pictures:

The fastest man alive, Bolt and Mo Farah doing each others signature poses.
The closing ceremony fireworks.

Passing on the Olympic flag to the next host that is RIO.

London 2012




From the Diamond Jubilee, to the emotional Wimbledon finals and finally the London Olympic Games! It is a wonderful and special time not only for the British people but for everyone here enjoying the 2012 games. I live in East London so it’s amazing that this is all happening so close to home. Olympic fever has swept across the nation and everyone is screaming for TEAM GB. I have never screamed so much at my tv, that too on a daily basis. Anyone who could hear me would think I’m mad. But I’m just loving it all! Such a great vibe to be in London right now.

Everyday commuting to work I see a sea of people on their way to watch the games to support their country. I see the joy and  excitement on their faces and it’s priceless. Luckily there is a pub opposite my work which has a huge tv outside so I’m lucky I can catch some glimpses of the games. The Olympic games have brought unity and peace, such a contrast to the London Riots last year!

I admit, I started to get into the spirit of it all on the Friday afternoon of the opening ceremony. Britain would present itself to the world and I was genuinely excited and proud. I was pleasantly surprised and in awe for three hours. What a magnificent, inventive, hilarious and quirky ceremony! It was truly British down to the music, literature and yes even humour. The best moments with Mr. Bean and Mr. Bond with his new bond girl, the Queen! Her willingness to take part in that manner will be remembered always. Who knew parachuting was one of her hobbies eh? Just like a musical, it was full of singing, dancing, J.K. Rowling , Lord Voldemort even made an appearance with Mary Poppins chasing the darkness away.

I loved how they presented Britain’s transition from an agricultural to an industrial and then high-tech society. Also paying tribute to the NHS and GOSH. Hats off to you Mr. Danny Boyle and all the volunteers!

I was trying to stay awake to watch TEAM GB make their entrance. No problem, the noise and screams from the stadium woke me up immediately! I put the volume up and I could only imagine what I knew was 100 times louder in reality. The atmosphere was electrifying!

The spectacular finale of the event saw the Olympic Cauldron, formed of 205 copper petals representing the competing nations coming together in London for the Games, ignited by seven young Torchbearers nominated by Britain’s Olympic medalists and truly embodying the games motto of  “inspire a generation” – lit scores of long-necked pipes, that rose to form a caldron of sorts in the middle of the stadium.It really was a beautiful moment to remember.