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I’m officially somewhere

Hello my awesome readers!

How are you all?

So it’s been a busy two months which is why I haven’t blogged as much. A few weeks after my brother’s wedding I went to Canada for my cousins wedding in Toronto.  My first real holiday! I have only ever been on pilgrimages to India so I was super excited once I got to the airport. It seemed more real by then. I started to pack the night before the flight and by the time I finished and got an hours worth of sleep it was time to leave at 4.30am to Gatwick airport. I felt like shit and so tired  that when we were at the airport I forgot my hand luggage in one of the shops!!! My mum rang me to make sure I went to the gate on time and she asked me if I had the hang luggage. I literally screamed out SHIT! My mum was like whats wrong? Meera what did you do? Don’t tell me you lost the bag?  I said oh no its nothing, I wish I bought the Marie Claire magazine that’s all! So listen I’ll see you in a bit.

Mission Impossible– Retrieve hand luggage.

I didn’t even remember what shop I left it in. So I frantically rushed like a mad woman and went to all the stores and finally found my bag in WH Smith near the pay yourself machine. P-H-E-W.

The flight wasn’t as smooth as I hoped, plenty of turbulence and cold air! If I had known Air Transat charged to have a blanket and headphones I would have brought my own. Not that buying headphones would have mattered as our screens from our row onwards stopped working. Thank God for Glamour and Cosmopolitan.

I was only there for 7 days but it was a wonderful and memorable week. Most of the family were living under one roof, so it was bound to be a mad house. But it was great to catch up and spend quality time with everyone  as we hardly get the chance to all come together.

It was so hot and the sun was shining so brightly! The total opposite from home.  It was so weird to see the big roads, and road signs and the style and size of the houses compared to London. And of course seeing everyone drive on the left side of the road was so bloody strange!

Hello there Mr. Sun. Please visit us more in London.

One of my yummy moments of the trip has to be the famous ICE CAPP from Tim Hortons. As my cousin told me, you haven’t  lived if you havent tasted this bad boy.

The last day of our trip we went to see the beautifully breath-taking Niagara Falls. We got there in the late afternoon so managed to see how the falls looked like during the day and at night. We happened to go on a good day as there was a firework display due to Happy Canada the day before. I could have stood there for hours. It was just awesome.

For the return flight my mum bought two blankets from a mall to use on the plane. Clever mother! Because it was a cosy warm flight home. As we landed I looked outside the window to find that it was miserably raining.

Ahh….Home sweet home.


Papa Bear, I love you

I admit it’s not my best piece of work. If I had more time I’m pretty sure I would have crafted the perfect card. But I entirely forgot, till me and my mum bumped into a family friend yesterday at the shopping mall, telling us how she was shopping with her kids for a Father’s Day present.

Father’s Day? Oh yeah, that’s coming up soon, when is that again?


Of course, my dear mother there and then made me feel guilty, like I had committed a dreadful crime.

Meera, how can you forget, you are so bad!

What? I’m not sure if Dad even know’s it’s Father’s Day Tomorrow!

*Gives me evils* No…really you are SOOOOOOOOOO BAD!

So off to Marks & Spencer’s I went and got him the good stuff- aftershave, aftershave moisturizer and body sprays. In the evening we went to a family dinner and by the time we came home it was around 10pm. I was too tired to do anything fancy, I thought glitter glue would do the trick. I tried to make it look all fancy, when really it looked like a 6-year-old made it. Oh well, they say it’s the thought that counts. The parents were sleeping, so I went downstairs to “His Kingdom, His Domain” also known as his office, where we are “forbidden” to touch anything. It’s freaky because if we do, for instance  move a book or a pencil a tiny fraction, he knows!

So I placed the card and gifts all nicely on his table, so he could have a nice surprise when he came down in the morning. I also left a post it note and drew an arrow pointing to the card-“Please be careful when holding the card as the glitter glue may not have dried. Many Thanks”.  He was all smiles in the morning. Good job Meera, good job. 

My Dad is a man of many words.  Here are few of his well-known sayings:

  • Don’t let the snake out of the basket
  • Truth is one, lies are many 
  • You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink
  • Don’t trust him. He is sly as a fox 
  • You can’t fool me. I’m too clever. I know EVERYTHING. (Which explains when he knows we have moved/touched his stuff in his office).
  • I sleep with one eye open (Ok Dad, whatever that’s supposed to mean).

**To all the Superheroes out there. Happy Father’s Day!**

Happily Ever After

Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve written and so much has happened in over a month.Lets recap shall we:

Britain celebrated along with the Queen, the Diamond Jubilee, marking her 60 years on the throne! Yes God, Save The Queen Indeed.

Miley Cyrus,19, just got engaged to Liam Hemsworth, 22. Say what???? People, I know what you all are thinking. If I had someone as hot as Liam I’d say Hell to the Yes too. I mean come on now, let’s be honest here. I bet just by touching him my finger would burn because that’s how goddamn hot he is. Don’t even get me started on Chris Hemsworth who is ridiculously hot! God was in a good mood indeed when he made them both.

Hot Spanish Tennis Sensation Rafael Nadal (I love you) broke Bjorn Borg’s record by winning his seventh title at the French Open Championship on Monday, beating Serbia’s Novak Djokovic.

AND my big brother just got hitched. Waheyyy 🙂

It seems that the year 2011-2012 has been THEE time for love. So many love birds that I know have jumped on the love express train to I now pronounce you as husband and wife. The guys sure are putting a ring on it. And who knew my brother would too.


The past year has been a time of change, adjusting, accepting, learning and loving. But I suppose that’s all part of life and growing up. Ahh.. how fast time flies. We have a large family, a wild, loud yet loving and caring bunch.  They were so excited with the news of another family wedding. I got to admit, I wasn’t always a fan of weddings, but I grew to love them. Having a wedding happening in your own family is even more exciting. There’s just a happy buzz all year round….most times…the rest of the time not so much. Just manic, stressful and plain crazy :-/

For the happy couple, my mother, aunties..ok and myself it was time to start the wedding diet. We all had one year to have our beach looking bodies. That meant losing the pounds and looking our best. Yes, lose the belly fat and all. Hundreds of friends and family would come together for this one special day and all eyes would be on us. Riigghht, well my diet plan included ice creams, chocolates, chips, skittles, biscuits, pizza and the odd occasional star jumps and a 10 min jog. Wait, did I say 10 min jog? I meant a 5 min jog.  Somehow I managed to look decent enough on the day and with the help of wearing my good old spanx during the reception, it was all good.

But wedding season, it’s a golden opportunity to splash out on some new jewellery, for a traditional Hindu wedding sarees-all brand new, getting dressed and glammed up.  I was the pombala thozhi- which is the grooms sister, sort of like a maid of honour if you like, for my brother’s wedding. I thankfully can say I did not mess up and I think I was an awesome maid of honour 😀

I was honoured when my brother asked me to give a speech at the reception. I knew I wanted to do something different and special for him and my sister-in-law. I was either a crazy fool or a pure genius.

Pure genius I would like to think. So my brother has for as long as I can remember been a massive fan of the backstreet boys. He believes to be the 6th member of the band. He sings their songs all the time, out of tune, but word for word. I decided to write my own version of one of his favourite backstreet boys song- I want it that way. Then change it up and go country and sing a Taylor Swift song-Love story. I was bit nervous with the second song, but my family and friends loved it.  Phew! There was a presentation of pictures of me and my brother and sister-in law while I was singing and a surprise out-take in the end. I managed to record my brother famously singing I want it that way. Muwhahaha. Me Evil. I’m sure my brother will get his own back on me one day.