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Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day

Good Evening civilians.

I am glad to be back at home in bed writing this post to you all. The weather has been absolutely awful today.  No wonder majority of the people  in London are moody sods.

Including me.

I have reasons sometimes. Like last weekend when Nadal lost at the Australian Open. I  was feeling blue and actually pretty annoyed that the OZ crowd booed him for no reason!

But then I have a tendency to be moody for no reason at all.  It’s true. Here’s my moody t-shirt.

On a happier note, two weekends ago I was transported to the imaginary world of Quidam at the Royal Albert Hall.

image (1)

image (2)

image (5)

image (4)

I haven’t been to the Royal Albert Hall in years. The last time was when I was in Primary School and hundreds of kids from Primary and Secondary schools performed a musical concert. We sang songs from The Sound Of Music and old English songs as well as playing the recorder in unison. It was a huge deal for me. I was so excited and it was the first time experiencing the posh side of West London. It seemed bigger and more theatrical somehow when I was younger. It’s such a beautiful building with the Albert Memorial and park opposite it.

I got really good seats which cost a bomb. But it was totally worth it.  We were seated in the Grand Tier box and had front row seats.

Quidam is produced by Cirque Du Soleil and is one of their many dazzling shows- famous for their incredible acrobatics and sets.

” Quidam celebrates the nameless passerby, the person living lost amidst the crowd in an all-too-anonymous society. Quidam (pronounced key-dam) is a story of the one who cries out, sings, and dreams within us all. A tribute to those faceless strangers we all are to one another, evoking the joys and sorrows of everyday life. ”

The music was performed beautifully in French. Not that I could understand a word of it, but I certainly appreciated how well it suited what the show was about.  Some of the acts made me laugh and it felt like a silent movie with Charlie Chaplin as the “Little Tramp”.  At certain points of the show I have to admit, I had no idea what was happening and who was who.  A few people from the audience were called upon to help stage the act which was quite amusing. Quidam’s effects, juggling and acrobats were awesome.  I watched in wonder and disbelief as they broke the bounds of physics and wowed the audience. There were moments in the show  where some of the performers  made me gasp because the act was real and dangerous. It’s amazing and mind boggling what we can do with our bodies but actually see someone do what we dream in our wildest dreams we wished we could do.

Fear not you have not missed out! I believe there is another show called Dralion which will be at the 02 arena in June. So you should  definitely check it out.

Right I’m off to watch the season finale of season four’s Downtown Abbey. I have somehow crammed in four seasons in the last two weeks. I can’t believe I’ve never watched it before now, it’s a brilliant show.

Night Night Friends.

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The Unfortunate Twig Story

Lil Miss Ditzy I am

There are rare occasions when I slip from Little Miss Awesome to Little Miss Ditzy. I’m not proud of my dopey moments but I give something for people to laugh about. Sadly for me this story will haunt me for a lifetime.

My story begins on a cold and very windy morning of Monday 27th February 2012. I am awoken by my phone that is under my pillow. I pick up the phone and it’s my brother giving me strict instructions on a package that will be sent home and to not accept it. I’m not really awake or aware of anything at this point and when he asks, “Can you make sure you do it please?” I respond with sounds like “Hm, Hmmm, Hmmmmmm”. Clearly not convinced he sends me a text that says, “Make sure you open the door and tell them. If you ignore the door bell they will leave it”. I knew this was important for him so to avoid falling asleep I switched on my laptop and watched the latest episode of One Tree Hill- which by the way is finally getting so good! So anyways my dad had just left to go to work. When he wears his suit I know he won’t be home early and he will be travelling far for work.

Around 9.30 in the morning the door bell rings. I am in my pjs (my hoodie and joggers).  I get out of bed and run to the door. I open the first door and step into the porch area and open the second door. I tell the man that we do not want the package and to return it.


I close my eyes and turn around. Please let it not be. Please God I beg you.


No I refuse to believe this is happening to me. It’s a dream. It has to be a bad dream. I bang on the door and try push it open. But it’s definitely closed  What the hell do I do? I don’t even have my phone!

“EXCUSE ME? MISTER!”, I yell. “Can you help me, I’ve locked myself out! I don’t know what to do…do you know what to do in these sort of situations?”

“Oh no. Er… I can give you my phone if you need to call anyone.”

YES! GREAT! I SMILE! Then it hits me. My smile fades. My face is not a happy face. I DON’T KNOW OR REMEMBER ANY DAMN NUMBERS! NOOOOO!  WHY? As quoted by Ross in Friends, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

I’m freaking out in front of a random stranger. I tell him that it was ok he could leave and I would figure it out.

Now come on Meera, thinking cap on. Just breathe. Right I will just walk to my uncle’s house. It’s a 10 min walk and hopefully someone will be home. On my way I was muttering and shaking my head about how I will NEVER answer the door for my brother again and that he could sort his own packages out. I arrive at my uncle’s house and no one is home. DAMN! What do I do now? So I decide to waste some time in the high street. I didn’t even know what the time was. But I was hoping time would fly fast. It was getting colder and I was thankful at least I had my joggers on. After spending what seemed like hours in superdrug and boots and some random clothes store, I decided to head back. I’m passing my uncle’s house and there is no sign of any car. I decide to walk home. As I’m coming nearer to my house I’m praying that someone has come home. No one was home. I was so angry I must have pushed heavily on the first door and it opened. If only I could do that to the second door. But at least I was in the porch as I was shivering really bad and I was glad it was sort of warm. It felt like 127 hours. Trapped and stuck except it wasn’t gruesome and I didn’t have to chop my arm off in the end. It was worse. I would soon bear my father’s wrath. What and If are two separate words that have no importance or meaning yet putting the two words together it changes everything. WHAT IF? What if I had my phone at least to ring someone? Maybe I wouldn’t do what I was about to do.

So I had a movie moment. I wonder if I could put a hairpin in the lock it may open. I feel around my hair but nothing. I look around for alternatives and I see the potpourri. I see a small tiny twig. I thought this is what its like when Oprah has her Aha! Moments. How wrong would I be in another 30 seconds. :-/

Will trying to open a lock with a twig ruin the lock?

OF COURSE DUMB DUMB! The twig snapped. Crap. I need to take that out. I tried with all my might but I pushed it further in. I figured when my dad gets back and puts the key in it will be ok. After what seemed like forever my dad drives up in the driveway. He is not aware that I have been locked out for hours and makes silly faces in the car.

There’s no time for this sillyness…I need to pee man. I start waving my arms around like a crazy person. He finally understands and is seriously not impressed when he finds out I’ve locked myself out. He must have said something along the lines of “…stupid…how could you…stupid girl”.

This is it. Finally. My dad puts the key in. The key is not moving. He looks at me, “What have you done?”


“Meera, you have done something, why isn’t it moving….its not working”.

“I swear I havent done anything! Dont look at me like that…I didn’t”

“No…be quiet Meera.. you did…the barrel isn’t moving. You did something! What did you do?”

He is fuming and angry and at this point I fess up.

“Well all I did was put a twig in it, but it snapped, but I thought once you…”


He assumed I used a twig from outside but I pointed to the potpourri.

After that it was a blur. But it was something like how it would cost so much money to change the lock and we wouldn’t be able to get into the house and what a waste of money it was going to be due to my stupidness. After that I went to my next door neighbours and I didn’t really want to be there. I felt really bad and had few tears rolling down my face. Luckily my aunt came to pick me up and I went to their house. I didn’t know that my cousin was sleeping upstairs when I thought no one was home. It just wasn’t my day today. My mum and my brother joined after and when things lightened up a bit….the twig jokes began. It was in the evening when we all finally could go back home. I could see the light in my dad’s office area and I knew he was coming to open the door. I hid behind my mum and ran upstairs to my room. But I heard he laughed and found it funny when he told my mum what happened that when he asked what I did…I lied straight away and only told the truth after.

Moral of the story-Stay away from twigs. Twigs are evil.

Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

My golden ticket to heaven

I am one of the 5 lucky ones. I had to pinch myself and rub my eyes several times when I saw the corner of what I hoped was a shiny bright ticket. In my hand I held on tightly to the golden ticket. I couldn’t believe it, yet it was true. I was  now  standing outside the gates looking at the greatest factory in the whole wide world.

What factory you ask?

Why Mr Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory of course. What a silly question! The most delicious and mouth-watering candies, chocolates, sweets, anything you name it came from this factory right here.

There was also a note hidden in the chocolate bar. I shall tell you what it said.

“Greetings, to you, the lucky finder of this Golden Ticket, from Mr. Willy Wonka. Present this ticket at the factory gates at ten o’clock in the morning of the first day of  February, and do not be late. You may bring with you one member of your own family but no one else. In your wildest dreams you could not imagine the marvelous surprises that await you!”

And that was that.  This was the big day, the historic day on which Willy Wonka had promised to open his gates and shower gifts on the five lucky winners. I asked my brother to accompany me as he was chocohoilc just like me. I knew he would appreciate the wonders we were about to see. We woke up early and dressed smartly. Good thing to as there was a large crowd, including reporters and a band. This was a special day and everyone wanted a glimpse of the legendary magician, Mr Willy Wonka.

The clock strikes 10am sharp and Willy Wonka emerges as the crowd cheers. He welcomes us and asks to see our golden tickets. I introduce myself and my brother and we finally enter the factory. We are in the centre of the factory where it seems that dreams really can come true. Everything we saw was edible. You could almost eat anything. It was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.

And then I woke up 😦

It was all but a dream. A wonderful dream that seemed so real but too good to be true. If you could have your own chocolate factory how would it be like? I know I would definitely have a cookies and cream niagara falls, walls built from cheesecake and a field made of skittles.


I broke my chocolate fast last week. Where else but Haagen Dazs in Leicester Square. I was totally blissed out. I’m not kidding. I was in heaven. I always take pictures of the desserts I eat or other people’s desserts because they look so good and yummy.

So enjoy seeing the pieces of heaven that I certainly enjoyed eating 🙂

There’s No Business Like Snow Business


Last night in London the snowflakes started to fall from the clouds and quickly settled and covered the place. When I woke up this morning I quickly ran outside to capture this moment, it was so peaceful and beautiful. The first thought I had was, “I’m in Narnia. Now where is Mr. Tumnus,  I would like a cup of tea and biscuits please.”

And it’s not just me,  as to be expected loads of snow pictures uploaded onto Facebook.

FACT-The snow day will be the most talked about topic.

“O-M-G! Do you know it’s snowing? Did you see the snow?”

“Son of a gun…would you look at is snowing!”

Bloggers let me tell you something, in England the talk of weather can be an easy conversation starter…for example when it’s raining  or we experience a heat wave or when we see the tiny snowflakes fall.If you cannot think of anything to say, fear not, just say, “Can you believe it’s snowing?”

The way we talk about it makes it look like we have never seen snow, and people say it like we don’t know but trust me we have seen snow and we know it’s happening but yet it’s brand new information for us.

There are  people who don’t  love the snow and I know it can cause inconveniences. London always seems to come to a standstill.

Wait …why?

Duh! Because it just snowed a few inches last night. We are unprepared as always to deal with the snow that everything shuts down and every shop and school closes.

I love it when its fresh snow, I hate it when it gets all black and slushy.I don’t know what it is but it is the magic of snow that gets me excited like a little kid, ready to get out there and randomly start singing Christmas songs like Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow and Walking in a winter wonderland 🙂

Footprints in the snow

I have poor circulation so my hands and feet get real cold real quick. But I braved the chilly weather and put on my hat, scarf and gloves and by running back and forth to put my hands on the radiator.

Snow Happy

I am quite pleased with myself because I have just made my first ever snowman and let me tell you he’s bringing sexy back.

Mister Snowman

“The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?” 

John Boynton Priestly

O Money Tree, Money Tree, wherefore art thou Money Tree?

Few weeks ago it was front page news that a builder and his wife won the Euro Lottery and cashed in £40 MILLION!!!  CHA-CHING!

I couldn’t believe that the only reason he bought a lottery ticket on that particular day was because it was raining so he ran inside a shop. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  He then adds that the first thing he would do is change the carpet in each room in his house.

First train of thought was You Lucky Sod. I could do with some extra cash.

Second thought was-First thing I would do wouldn’t be to change the carpets in my house. But that’s because we have wooden flooring. I don’t know I think I would be freekin high trying to gather just how much money I’ve won. I would probably roll around in the money saying my precious, my love, it’s all mine… ALL MINE!!!!

Ok. I’ve snapped out of my crazy Gollum moment.

Was feeling bit hungry at this point and then thought damn..imagine how many times I could eat Nandos..mmm Nandos…..wait….screw that I could buy Nandos and have as many burgers and peri peri chips as I want!! I could have my own Nandos!!!! 🙂

Then I thought what would I do if I won or had X amount of money? I would do the things on my “Bucket List” know all the things you swear to do before you die. Visit the Grand Canyon, go on a safari, swim with dolphins, skiing in the alps, be a volunteer and help different charities abroad etc.  Pay off my massive uni debt. I have had my driving license for 2 years and still no sign of a car. I know it’s sad.

In hard times like these, I just say to myself  I wish I had a Money Tree (or a job..but we will go with money tree).

The Chinese tale is that the Money Tree is a special holy tree that is considered to bring money and good fortune.If that’s the case hell let me make room in my garden and plant as many as possible.

But can you imagine if there actually was money growing on trees? I know.. I know it’s like saying can you imagine if there actually is a Santa Claus working his butt of all year round with his little helpers the elves in Santa’s workshop in the North pole?

Sigh.  We can dream can’t we?

But I think if I really wanted money coming my way its possible. To be honest I just want enough money to live comfortably. My positive new thinking  inspired by reading The Secret (awesome book, recommend to read) that Thoughts Become Things. I’m not saying if I think of a money tree it will manifest. But ” whatever the mind…can conceive it can achieve”.  They say to attract money, focus on wealth. It is impossible to bring more money into your life when you focus on the lack of it.

So bloggers there is hope for us. The money tree will no longer be a dream but a reality if we just believe.