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Dear Blog. I’ve missed you.

It seems like a New year has flown by and a birthday since I’ve last blogged. 

And what do you know…its 2013 and I just turned 24 last week. So Happy New Year folks, hope the start of this year has been good to you so far. A few of my friends mentioned that I have been very quiet and missed reading my blog. So I guess you can say I’m back by popular demand 😉  To be honest, I didn’t feel quite inspired to write anything but tonight me feeling the magic again. 

So the worst thing that anyone can tell a girl is that they look a bit fat…to their face. But Amy in Pitch Perfect would introduce herself as Fat Amy. 

Aubrey: What’s your name? 
Fat Amy: Fat Amy. 
Aubrey: You call yourself Fat Amy? 
Fat Amy: Yeah, so twig bitches like you don’t do it behind my back.

Well it happened to me! I mean I didn’t introduce myself as Fat Meera. But a twig basically called me fat! 

I went to get my eyebrows done yesterday and the ladies in the beauty shop said to me how they haven’t seen me in a long time. I pointed to what could only be described as Freida Kahlo’s eyebrows but much worse.. and said yes its clearly been too long.


I’ve started IPL treatment 7 months ago for my face and I just get too lazy to go in to get my eyebrows done. Family members would comment and say why do you keep them bushy… you need to get those bad boys tamed. 

Anyways back to my depressing story.. so my eyes started tearing up because she had to thread so much hair off and she kept apologising saying sorry there is just too much hair! I did chuckle, because I couldn’t believe I left my eyebrows in such a bad state. Then she said you look a bit different Meera. You are enjoying your mummy’s food aren’t you? Your cheeks look bigger…you look a little bit fat :-/ 

AWKWARD! WHERE IS THAT EYEBROW PLUCKER PLEASE KILL ME NOW. I mean what was I meant to say? I know I’ve put on weight so I nervously laughed (while dying inside) and said yeah I know…I’m trying to lose weight. She must have felt bad and said you’re only a little fat not too much fat!  I seriously could have finished her off like a chocolate fudge cake. But I thought mmm… better not. 


Ok I’m just going to pay and leave now because the awkward laughs will soon turn to tears, 

 So yeah… I had a few more brownies and comfort ate more the past few months and started using the bus more instead of walking like I used to. I told myself this morning to suck it up. I refuse to feel sorry for myself. In a way that lady was doing me a favour and I realised that I have to get back to being fit and healthy again. So I went to TK Max today and bought myself a skipping rope. I lost a lot of weight before when I was skipping regularly as well as walking and eating healthily.  I have my friends away hen and wedding as motivation to get a beach looking body. I’ll update you all soon on my progress. 


Yay! I had a Birthday



On Friday 2nd  March I celebrated 23 years of my umbilical cord separation 🙂

Few days before my birthday I was reminiscing with my mum about childhood memories when looking back at old photo albums.  My parents know I am bitter that I don’t have one single baby album and I don’t let them forget how they have loads of pictures and albums of my brother and I don’t even have bloody one! Few years back I sorted all the old pictures we have and put them in new albums. It’s so sad that I’m admitting this but I made my own baby album!  But oh no there were still more photos of him than me. Apparently they didn’t own a camera at that point. Lame.

Whenever I am in a sentimental mood I love looking through old photos because things were so different and so much has changed. My first birthday cake was a cream rabbit with pink ears and a pink button nose. I was crying in most of the pictures. For my 23rd birthday I had a selection of different flavoured cakes and boy did they taste yummy for breakfast, lunch and dinner! So I was definitely happy in my pictures.

My 1st Birthday. Told you I was crying.
My 1st Birthday. Told you I was crying.

Every year the night before my birthday my mum recalls when she went into labour.

“I had an easy birth with you. God I suffered with your brother. But you were good. You were born at 6.25pm. My little angel.”  Glad to know I made your life easier mum as soon as I came out from the womb.

“Though these stretch marks are both your fault. You see *pointing at them* these are the marks I had to bear for having you both”. Gee thanks mum. I love you too.

Every year  in the early hours of the morning around 5.30 my dad wakes me up to sing happy birthday and to give his card and present. When I was younger he couldn’t hold his excitement and would give me my gifts a day earlier or a week earlier! There will always be a standard poem or a sweet birthday message that he will either stick on my door or type up and give to me. This year he framed a message for me, which was really nice. My dad has this thing, his trademark if you like,  where he always draws a stem with leaves on every message he gives. Without fail it will be drawn in the card. I don’t really know why. I should really ask him.

But my parents have made up for not having any baby albums of me by making sure I have the best birthday every year. It’s like a bank holiday for my birthday. Well I make it so. We always go out for a meal and “act surprised” when I get cake. Wow I wasnt expecting a cake at all!

For my 21st I finally got my parents to actually get on the underground train to London. Well I did tell my family 3 months in advance. It was a miracle. It was a three-day celebration that year. One with family, the next day with friends then the last day with all my cousins and family coming round. My friend got me a chocolate fountain that year so I used it for the first time when my family came around. It was awesome. Totally pigged out with strawberries and marshmallows! Ahhh good times. Not to mention the birthday period always brings about a decent cash flow into my piggy bank. But hats of to my mum! She always makes the effort to make my birthday special by getting me the best cakes and just making sure it’s what I like.

The Holy Chocolate Fountain

My 18th Birthday Cake
My 18th Birthday Cake
The dream cake
On my 5th birthday

I’m not freaking out that I’m getting older. I welcome it actually. I don’t get excited as I used to when I was younger. You know when you can’t sleep because you’re so excited. The past few years it’s not been a really big deal and I like keeping things simple and chilled. I normally wake up and just lay in bed and think about how I have grown as a person in the past year.  Though I know there is room for improvement and progress in some aspects of my life, I feel more content and comfortable with who I am now then I was few years ago. I am the happiest I’ve been and I look forward to spending quality time on birthdays to come with close friends and family. That’s what it’s really about. Also that birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake 😉

Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

My golden ticket to heaven

I am one of the 5 lucky ones. I had to pinch myself and rub my eyes several times when I saw the corner of what I hoped was a shiny bright ticket. In my hand I held on tightly to the golden ticket. I couldn’t believe it, yet it was true. I was  now  standing outside the gates looking at the greatest factory in the whole wide world.

What factory you ask?

Why Mr Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory of course. What a silly question! The most delicious and mouth-watering candies, chocolates, sweets, anything you name it came from this factory right here.

There was also a note hidden in the chocolate bar. I shall tell you what it said.

“Greetings, to you, the lucky finder of this Golden Ticket, from Mr. Willy Wonka. Present this ticket at the factory gates at ten o’clock in the morning of the first day of  February, and do not be late. You may bring with you one member of your own family but no one else. In your wildest dreams you could not imagine the marvelous surprises that await you!”

And that was that.  This was the big day, the historic day on which Willy Wonka had promised to open his gates and shower gifts on the five lucky winners. I asked my brother to accompany me as he was chocohoilc just like me. I knew he would appreciate the wonders we were about to see. We woke up early and dressed smartly. Good thing to as there was a large crowd, including reporters and a band. This was a special day and everyone wanted a glimpse of the legendary magician, Mr Willy Wonka.

The clock strikes 10am sharp and Willy Wonka emerges as the crowd cheers. He welcomes us and asks to see our golden tickets. I introduce myself and my brother and we finally enter the factory. We are in the centre of the factory where it seems that dreams really can come true. Everything we saw was edible. You could almost eat anything. It was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.

And then I woke up 😦

It was all but a dream. A wonderful dream that seemed so real but too good to be true. If you could have your own chocolate factory how would it be like? I know I would definitely have a cookies and cream niagara falls, walls built from cheesecake and a field made of skittles.


I broke my chocolate fast last week. Where else but Haagen Dazs in Leicester Square. I was totally blissed out. I’m not kidding. I was in heaven. I always take pictures of the desserts I eat or other people’s desserts because they look so good and yummy.

So enjoy seeing the pieces of heaven that I certainly enjoyed eating 🙂