Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day

Good Evening civilians.

I am glad to be back at home in bed writing this post to you all. The weather has been absolutely awful today.  No wonder majority of the people  in London are moody sods.

Including me.

I have reasons sometimes. Like last weekend when Nadal lost at the Australian Open. I  was feeling blue and actually pretty annoyed that the OZ crowd booed him for no reason!

But then I have a tendency to be moody for no reason at all.  It’s true. Here’s my moody t-shirt.

On a happier note, two weekends ago I was transported to the imaginary world of Quidam at the Royal Albert Hall.

image (1)

image (2)

image (5)

image (4)

I haven’t been to the Royal Albert Hall in years. The last time was when I was in Primary School and hundreds of kids from Primary and Secondary schools performed a musical concert. We sang songs from The Sound Of Music and old English songs as well as playing the recorder in unison. It was a huge deal for me. I was so excited and it was the first time experiencing the posh side of West London. It seemed bigger and more theatrical somehow when I was younger. It’s such a beautiful building with the Albert Memorial and park opposite it.

I got really good seats which cost a bomb. But it was totally worth it.  We were seated in the Grand Tier box and had front row seats.

Quidam is produced by Cirque Du Soleil and is one of their many dazzling shows- famous for their incredible acrobatics and sets.

” Quidam celebrates the nameless passerby, the person living lost amidst the crowd in an all-too-anonymous society. Quidam (pronounced key-dam) is a story of the one who cries out, sings, and dreams within us all. A tribute to those faceless strangers we all are to one another, evoking the joys and sorrows of everyday life. ”

The music was performed beautifully in French. Not that I could understand a word of it, but I certainly appreciated how well it suited what the show was about.  Some of the acts made me laugh and it felt like a silent movie with Charlie Chaplin as the “Little Tramp”.  At certain points of the show I have to admit, I had no idea what was happening and who was who.  A few people from the audience were called upon to help stage the act which was quite amusing. Quidam’s effects, juggling and acrobats were awesome.  I watched in wonder and disbelief as they broke the bounds of physics and wowed the audience. There were moments in the show  where some of the performers  made me gasp because the act was real and dangerous. It’s amazing and mind boggling what we can do with our bodies but actually see someone do what we dream in our wildest dreams we wished we could do.

Fear not you have not missed out! I believe there is another show called Dralion which will be at the 02 arena in June. So you should  definitely check it out.

Right I’m off to watch the season finale of season four’s Downtown Abbey. I have somehow crammed in four seasons in the last two weeks. I can’t believe I’ve never watched it before now, it’s a brilliant show.

Night Night Friends.

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